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FSFP And Partners File Joint Brief In US Court of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit Defending Seattle Wage Law

 New Minimum Wage Law under Fire in Seattle, Legal Advocacy Groups Say Workers’ Rights Are at Stake

 Free Speech For People, Courage Campaign, Equal Justice Society, and Demos jointly file brief in this minimum wage case.

"How the Money Primary Is Undermining Voting Rights" via The Nation

A new post on The Nation takes on today's money primary, and explains how the vast majority of Americans are being denied the value of their vote. The author, Ari Berman provides analysis that parallels the poll tax denying African-Americans the right to vote, to how the influence of the mega-rich shuts out the voices of everyday Americans.

Free Speech For People Welcomes New Summer Law Clerks

Free Speech For People is pleased to announce our new 2015 Summer Law Clerks. We welcome these scholars to our Legal Advocacy Program and we look forward working with them in the coming months. 

For Real Democracy, Money Must Not Prevail - John Bonifaz Co-Authors Op-Ed On Money In Politics In Arkansas

An exciting convergence of local and national leaders in the movement for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United will gather in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 18 and 19. Together, the people of Arkansas are banding together in support of a ballot initiative calling for a 28th amendment to end the big money dominance of our democracy. The Arkansas State Attorney General is currently reviewing the final text for the initiative, which will restore power to the people in the Natural State to end the big money dominance of our democracy. 

Free Speech For People Co-Founder, John Bonifaz and Paul Spencer of Regnat Populus in Arkansas, co-wrote a piece, featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The op-ed highlights the crisis of our democracy and puts forth a constitutional amendment as a long-term solution to overturn Citizens United

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On Monday, May 18 a free performance of "Go Granny D!" will take place at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Little Rock, followed by a conversation with John Bonifaz and others on how to reclaim our democracy. For more details, click here.

Justice James Nelson on the Supreme Court and Williams-Yulee to Salon,"They're talking out of both sides of their mouth"

Salon published today an interview with Justice James Nelson, former Justice of the Montana Supreme Court and Free Speech For People Board member, on the recent Supreme Court decision in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar. Justice Nelson discusses the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of upholding the integrity of the judiciary, while the Citizens United decision "is allowing vast amounts of money to be poured into judicial races that does to the judiciary exactly what they said shouldn’t happen in Yulee."

Justice Nelson explores the impact of big money in the judiciary and highlights the role of the courts as serving as the critical independent third branch of government, noting "[i]f big money takes over that third branch, and I think it’s going to happen, if it takes over that third branch, we citizens have nowhere left to turn".

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Jeff Clements To The Hill, "Citizens United: The View From The Ivory Tower Has A Blind Spot"


The Hill published this piece by Jeff Clements, FSFP co-founder and Corporations Are Not People author. Jeff highlights the growing momentum around the Democracy For All Amendment, and those who oppose it: Super PACs (obviously) and a group of liberal law professors.

The piece identifies their arguments against the amendment, including the belief that Citizens United is "not really about corporations receiving the rights of human beings" and that disclosure and publicly funded elections will save the day.

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Former MT Supreme Court Justice Says Williams-Yulee Ruling Contradicts SCOTUS Decision In Citizens United

Former Montana Supreme Court Justice and Free Speech For People Board Member, Jim Nelson is quoted in the Bozeman Chronicle discussing this week's SCOTUS ruling in Williams-Yulee v. Florida State Bar.

Justice Nelson draws contrast between the Supreme Court's ruling on money in politics in Williams-Yulee and its 2010 Citizens United decision. Nelson, who joined Free Speech For People in filing a brief defending Florida's campaign limits, supports the SCOTUS ruling, however he does not hesitate to call it a major contradiction. He explains, "In Yulee, they made a big deal of public confidence and the integrity of the judiciary, on the other hand it’s perfectly acceptable for these dark money organizations, these big PACs, to dump millions of dollars into judicial races." 

In Williams-Yulee, SCOTUS Rules In Defense Of Florida Ban On Judges Seeking Campaign Cash

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in defense of the Florida State bar, upholding state laws that prohibit elected judges from personally soliciting donations to support their campaigns. In a 5-4 decision, the Court rejected a free speech claim brought forward from a Florida judge, recognizing the importance of maintaining the diginity appropriate to judicial office