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2014: A Year Of Milestones and Progress To Reclaim Democracy

As we prepare for the beginnings of a new year, we look back on this year’s progress and our many achievements. With your help, we have reached many milestones in our work to overturn Citizens United and reclaim our democracy. To show your support, we urge you to donate to our end of year campaign, here. 
Here is an overview of all that we have achieved together this year:

The Constitutional Amendment Movement Reached the Senate Floor

(Image via PFAW) 

On September 11, 2014, 54 US Senators voted to support the Democracy For All Amendment, which would overturn the Supreme Court's rulings in Citizens UnitedMcCutcheon, and Buckley, and would allow for overall campaign spending limits in our elections.  This historic vote marked a huge victory for the constitutional amendment movement and Free Speech For People played a critical leadership role in making this happen.  The vote reflects the growing power of this grassroots movement with 16 states and more than 550 cities and towns on record in support of an amendment.

63,000 Strikes And You're Out? Not If You're A Global Corporation In Delaware, Explains Jeff Clements To Huffington Post

(Image via Huffington Post)

Over a decade before the Big Branch mine explosion, Massey Energy had committed more than 63,000 violations of mine safety laws, and violated the federal Clean Water Act 13,000 times. Three years after the explosion, CEO Don Blankenship was indicted, but Massey still operates in Delaware.


Corporations Hiding Dirty Secrets Behind Free Speech Claims May Soon Have To Admit Bloody Hands

A "surprising turn of events", starting with a series of conflicting rulings by the federal courts, is setting a new legal stage that will require U.S. corporations to admit to “blood on their hands” to their consumers and investors.

FSFP Joins Global Witness In Brief Addressing "Conflict Minerals" and First Amendment Claims By Corporations

(Photo via Global Witness)

We’re pleased to join Global Witness Limited in an important brief pushing back against a First Amendment claim by the National Association of Manufacturers and other corporate interests. 

Watch The Lenox, MA Performance of "Go Granny D!"

Off-Broadway actress Barbara Bates-Smith and musician Jeff Sebens take to the stage in Lenox, Massachusetts to highlight the story of the remarkable "Granny D", who at age 89, walked 3,200 miles across the country to crusade for campaign finance reform. This special performance pays tribute to the life of Doris “Granny D” Haddock and shares how we can end the big money dominance of our elections and restore democracy to all.

John Bonifaz Joins Wisconsin Public Radio To Discuss A Movement To Amend The Constitution

This week, John Bonifaz joined David Cobb of Move To Amend on the Kathleen Dunn radio show on Wisconsin Public Radio to discuss the growing movement to amend the Constitution.