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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Citizens United Was the Current Supreme Court's Worst Ruling

In a recent interview published in The New Republic, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg expressed her regret over several of the current Court's rulings, including the case of Citizens United v. FEC, which opened the floodgates for unlimited spending in elections. 

Justice Ginsburg told The New Republic, "If there was one decision I would overrule it would be Citizens United."

Expand Free Speech by Limiting Political Money

Jessica Levinson, professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles recently shared an op-ed with the Sacramento Bee on the history of California's Political Reform Act and what it means today, nearly 40 years later. 

Why Every Single Supreme Court Justice Got Hobby Lobby Wrong

Ron Fein, Free Speech For People's legal director, appears on Jurist today as a guest columnist. In his latest piece, Fein explains, "The Supreme Court's majority opinion in Hobby Lobby made a serious mistake about the nature of corporate religious claims. But so did the dissent."

To read the full article on why every single Supreme Court Justice got Hobby Lobby wrong, click here. 

Will Montana Judges be for Sale?

Retired Montana Supreme Court Justice and Free Speech For People legal advisory committee member, James Nelson writes to the Independent Record on whether or not Montana's court and judges will be forced "onto the auction block." Nelson writes of the role of money in politics in a post-Citizens United era, and explains "there is no reason to believe it won't happen in Montana's upcoming elections for judges and justices." 

A Small Step Forward in Ridding Politics of Big Money

To some, the U.S. Senate killing the Democracy For All Amendment may look like defeat, but to grassroots groups, the vote itself marks a victory.

The U.S. Senate is listening to the people. Senators spent nearly a week debating the amendment, 54 voted for it, and the amendment was just six votes short of passing. Momentum to restore democracy to the people has been gained, not lost. 

Money in Politics and the 'Real' Issues We Face

Marge Baker, Executive Vice President for Policy and Program, People For the American Way & People For the American Way Foundation is featured today on The Huffington Post speaking of the 'real' issues we face following this week's Senate vote. 

Live from New York, it’s . . . Ted Cruz? via Ron Fein

Free Speech For People Legal Director, Ron Fein heads to "The Daily Caller" to debunk claims made by Senator Ted Cruz during this week's Senate debate on the Democracy For All Amendment.

The Senate Tried to Overturn ‘Citizens United’. Guess What Stopped Them?

A majority of senators voted Thursday for the Democracy For All Amendment "to clarify in the Constitution that Congress and the states have the authority to do what they did for a century before activist judges began intervening on behalf of wealthy donors and corporations: enact meaningful campaign finance rules and regulations." That's the good news, says today's piece in The Nation

The Senate Just Voted to Keep Big Money in Politics. Here Are Three Reasons to Celebrate Anyway.

Today, the US Senate voted to keep big money in politics. The Democracy For All Amendment fell short of receiving the 67 votes it necessary to pass, but not all is lost. 

Fran Korten of YES! Magazine explains, "the fact that the issue reached the Senate floor is a huge victory for the American people, who overwhelmingly say they want something done about corporate influence in elections." 

Free Speech For People Statement on the Senate Vote

September 11, 2014